Ipad Mini


iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB in Space Gray. Yeah, you are reading this right, all you have to do is fill out the best bracket in our group and this bad boy is all yours. Value $450

Best Buy and Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Cards


Best Buy Gift Card. Turns out Second Place isn't a bad place to be. Unfortunately we don't have any silver medals to give out but a hundred bucks at Best Buy is a pretty awesome consolation prize. Value $100


Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card. We thought long and hard about making this our first place prize. I mean, who doesn't love Hot Wings & Sports? If you read our story you will see that these hot wings actually play a pretty big part of why Brackets For Hope even exists. Enjoy my friend. Value $75

Visa Gift Cards


Amazon Gift Card. So it turns out Amazon basically sells everything. According to the news you will soon be able to get your purchase delivered with a drone. Crazy right? Value $50


Fat Head Gift Card. These things are just cool. We don't know who your favorite team is but with this card you can buy that logo or a huge picture of Bo Ryan's head and and put it wherever you please. Value $25

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