Our Story

It has been a long winter. We have endured months of bitter cold, snow, ice, and darkness. But now March is here and the heavens have blessed us with a burst of sunshine known as the NCAA Basketball Tournament and it is AWESOME! It's as if we have been compensated for all the suffering with basketball mayhem. An event filled with last second shots, inconceivable upsets, pageantry, heartbreak, and ultimately victory.

I am a diehard Iowa Hawkeye fan living in Bucky Badger's back yard and I get excited each and every March. My friends and I plan our Tournaments years in advance. We block the dates off, choose a location, and spend days glued to the TV. Each of us fills out our brackets, loads up on food, and settles in for the magic that is bound to happen. "Slightly" exaggerated stories of our glory days on the court start to surface. Gus Johnson is quoted heavily. It's the one event every year that never lets us down.

A few years ago I had way too many hot wings during the first day of the tournament and had an epiphany. Why not create something that could do some good in this world by combining the passion we have as fans and the desire to make the world a better place?

That was the start of the idea that is now Brackets for Hope.

If it hasn't already, Cancer will take the court in your life. Whether it's your battle, a friend or family member's, or even just something you worry about, Brackets for Hope gives you the opportunity to fight back. The folks at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are on the frontlines of the war on cancer. Their scientists are working tirelessly to come up with new treatments and cures for this horrible disease and your participation and donations can help them.

Each year we pick out our winners, cheer, boo, and get lost in the games. Now is your chance to combine all the excitement with an incredible cause. This year when people ask you how your bracket is doing, you'll be able to answer with pride no matter how many teams you have left. Join the competition at Brackets for Hope and we can be the difference.

Whether you play just to raise awareness and tell all of your friends about our game, or if you have it within your means to donate, we invite you to fill out your bracket and play along.

Together, we can all put the full court press on Cancer.

Tory Hutchison & the Brackets for Hope Team

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